In college you learn quickly that time is of the essence, and the more tools you have in your toolbox to help preserve time the better.

Now there’s StudyBlue: a massive online database of study material, from notes to flashcards.

Having all of this ready made for you keeps you from having to make them yourself, and lets you get right to studying. What’s even better is that you can personalize your StudyBlue experience: you can read notes from other students, even students at your school taking the same class as you. Here’s how it works:

Sign up as a student on the website and select either class or interest. If you select class you can enter your school and class’s information.

Getting Classmates Involved Improves the Experience

If you’re lucky there’ll be other students in your class who have already signed up and started sharing. Then you can just click to view the study materials others have posted and start studying.

StudyBlue is still pretty new so that may not be the case. Share the site with your classmates and let them know that studying and creating flashcards can be a group effort that saves everyone some time if they just sign up.

If your class isn’t set up in the system yet you can always add the subject as an interest instead of a class. Then you’ll be able to pull study materials, flash cards, and quizzes from the entire system of students and learners.

It may not be the exact information required to pass the exams in your class, so you may want to only use the “Interest” option for genuine interests. Maybe you want to be a doctor or veterinarian and actually want to learn everything you can about Biology.

Then it would be okay to use the “Interest” button, but if you plan to go to med school, using a general “History” interest may not help you the way you intend it to.

Once you get your classes and interests setup you just start studying!

StudyBlue is available on the web, iOS and Android platforms so you can easily study on the go or in your dorm room or computer commons area.