As college students, life can get pretty hectic! We have a full course load filled with assignments and projects, have to work to afford those ramen noodles, exercise because those ramen noodles sure aren’t keeping us healthy, and find time to be with our friends to keep us sane – while finding time to call our parents to keep them sane.

And on top of all that – internships! Not only do we not get paid for working, but also we have to pay our school for the credit!

How in hell are we all suppose to stay sane with this rollercoaster going through our minds on a daily basis?! Sure, everyone throws out the basics like get some sleep, go for a run, and take a hot bath but come on; those can only do so much.

Where are all the fun tips? The ones that make us smile like we just got our teeth whitened? The ones that actually take our minds off of everything we have going on because we’re too busy placing our minds in a fantasy world? Don’t worry – I got you.

People Watch with a Friend

We all do it, might as well go all out. Get off your school campus and go to the nearest airport. Sit somewhere with your friend where security won’t question you and look around.

With each person you see, think about where they’ve been and where they’re going. The stories can be normal, sad, or hilarious. The whole point is to escape from your own problems and put yourself in someone else’s shoes.

The longer you do it – the sillier your stories will get. By the end, you’ll find the experience very cathartic and you’ll be ready to tackle that essay you’ve been avoiding for two weeks!

Grab a Tray from the Cafeteria

Is it snowing on campus? Are you thinking it’s time for a Netflix binge? No, I’m thinking it’s time to be a kid again.

Borrow a tray from your cafeteria, find a hill, and go nuts with your friends! College isn’t just about BS-ing your way through papers and lectures–it’s about all the experiences you mold with your friends.

Nothing bonds a friendship stronger than seeing someone flip off of a MacGyver sled and smash their face into the snow.

Be a Kid Again–Literally

Do you remember cartoons? I remember cartoons. Cartoons are good! Cartoons are happiness.

Okay – Go to it. Type in your favorite childhood TV show. WATCH IT.

For the first five minutes you’ll laugh and reminisce about how great being a kid was. Then ten minutes later you’ll laugh at how silly the shows are and won’t be able to believe you actually loved them at a point!

There’s no better stress reliever than a trip down memory lane. Sometimes we have to go where we’ve been to realize the stress of where we’re going is worth it.

No-Tech-Allowed Movie Binge

This one is my sanctuary. When the stress of everything I have going on is weighing down on me, nothing makes me happier than turning off all of my technology and binge watching my favorite 80s movies.

The Breakfast Club, Heathers, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off – these movies give me life.

There really is no bigger stress reliever than immersing yourself in a world where technology doesn’t rule everyone’s life. I cannot explain to you how amazing it is to run away from beeping phones and laptops for two hours and just enjoy actual human interaction.

Sure, it’s not your actual human interaction, but TV people are better anyway.


Our stress is difficult, yes. But, seeing the hardships other people go through and helping them really puts life in perspective.

You’d be surprised how quickly your stress melts away when you step outside yourself and help others. It’s kind of like that people-watching tip – you get reminded everyone has problems no one is aware of until they ask.

Everyone could use some help, and sometimes helping others is the help we need for ourselves.

OK! Now that you’re armed with these fresh new tips on dealing with your stress – go deal with it.

You’ll never deal with stress properly if you’re not mentally and physically taking yourself out of your normal environment! MOVE IT.