Oh, freshmen. You think they’re cute and confused in high school, but college? College is a whole other level. I cannot begin to explain how many college freshmen I’ve encountered, including myself, that made little mistakes that are so avoidable.

Declaring a Major

Think you know what you want to do for the rest of your life? Are you ready to declare it? Have you already picked out all your classes centering around it? STOP.

Your first year, take all of your general education requirements first – or at least most of them. Odds are, you will change your mind about your major by the end of your first year and there is nothing worse than taking a class that contributes little more than credits toward graduation.

You’ll be stuck going for five years instead of four because PoliSci classes will do nothing for Pre Med. You know which ones will? General education requirements.

Plus, as an added bonus, a gen ed you take may actually end up inspiring you to pick your major…and it’ll probably be the complete opposite of what you were thinking.

Stressing Over Grades

If you’re not failing, don’t worry.

At GV, we have a saying, “C’s get degrees.” You hear this a lot around finals time.

Listen, your freshmen year is a huge adjustment in all types of ways. You may be used to getting all easy A’s in high school, but that easy A in high school translates to a hard C+ in college.

Take it easy and relax…just not so much that you actually fail.

A High School Mindset

“I won’t do my homework, I’ll just smile at the teacher and get an extension.”
“I’ll talk and be annoying because no one is here to actually learn.”
“I can be on technology and distract everyone because who cares.”

Gross, don’t be that person. College is no longer a setting that allows you to make a thousand mistakes and forgives.

No one is forcing you to be there and no one will hold your hand. Everyone there is there to learn, so don’t be annoying.

Forgetting That It’s Okay

Did you fail an exam? Totally bomb a paper? Did a professor poke fun at you because you didn’t know something? Drink too much and miss your classes?

It’s okay.

Freshmen year of college is a time for mistakes. Do you know why they recommend you take general, 100 level courses? Because they’re easier. They’re not as in depth and don’t require a lot of knowledge in that particular subject.

Don’t overload your schedule, take some time to figure out what time management skills work for you, and chill. You have three more years at the least to get yourself together and graduate!