You’ve finally paid your tuition, your room and board is set, you have your parking pass and you think you’re good to go. You breathe a sigh of relief, thinking your bank account is finally done being brutalized.

Then it hits you: textbooks.

Why do textbooks have to be so expensive? The amount of money spent on them makes you hate the class before you even get the syllabus; professors always seem to pick the newest, most expensive editions.

You definitely never want to buy them from your school bookstore; it’s the best place to get ripped off. That’s why the Internet and all its fabulous websites are your best friend! There are a bunch of websites out there that offer surprisingly good deals.


Chegg not only offers textbook rentals at discounted prices, they also have a lot of other cool features, too.

You can check out scholarships and internships; they even have a feature that helps you find a tutor.

Chegg offers study resources and general college information centralized on one website.


What isn’t on Amazon these days?

Type in the ISBN of your book and a bunch of options will pop up ranging from new or used copies to rentals. The prices vary, and the cheapest get snagged up pretty quickly, so don’t wait too long if planning to get your books here.

Plus, you get free two-day shipping if you join Amazon Student!

Amazon’s competition, eBay, has its own textbook section.

Just like Amazon, you can buy, rent or sell. So, if you don’t find the right book for the right price somewhere else, is worth a look. offers you used textbooks at up to 90% off, which you can rent or buy, or even grab as an ebook.

As a bonus, all shipping is free.


SlugBooks is a great site to buy textbooks from that you may not have heard of.

Just enter the ISBN or title of the book and SlugBooks compares the buying and rental prices of all of the aforementioned websites, plus a few others.

By using SlugBooks as a price comparison tool, you can rest assured you’ve done your homework and found the best deals available.

Plus, they started a Kickstarter to fight textbook hate with adorable little plush toys modeled after books based on different subjects.

After Buying

I know, textbooks are really expensive, and that makes them easy to hate. But if you take your time to research before you buy (or rent), you can find some pretty good deals. And if you actually take the time to read them, you’ll find they can be pretty interesting.

Remember, at the end of the semester you can always sell them. No, you won’t get all your money back, but it can create a nice cushion for your next textbook purchases!