College is all about improving yourself, so why not look to the wonderful world-wide web for some extracurricular enrichment? Check out the following sites to bolster your skills and make learning a habitual part of your life, even beyond school.

Homework is a full-time job. Know what would make it faster? Being able to read 500, 700 or even 1,000 words per minute instead of the average 200-250. is a bookmarklet that you can use when browsing blogs or online reading materials. By reading online coursework and blogs using, I was able to increase my reading speed from 550 to over 2,000 wpm during high school.

Highbrow lets you sign up for 10-day “courses” about everything from short stories to the history of philosophy. Each day of the course is sent to you in a succinct morning email.

Code Academy is a free, collaborative website focused on teaching the world to code. Whether you’re interested in a tech field or just want to build your own website, Code Academy has projects to help you learn how.

Duolingo is a free site that can help you learn 21 different languages. It advertises its short, video game-like lessons as more effective than a semester of university language classes.

“Now Everyone Can Draw” says the front page of Drawspace. Over 400 lessons are available, authored by artists and educators and designed for classroom as well as individual use.

YOME is a collection of yoga videos free for personal use. Search for a particular pose or muscle group, and create a free account to create a personal library of videos.

Udemy is a catchall collection of personal skills classes. Management, Excel, photography and more are literally at your fingertips, since Udemy works on all devices.

CreativeLive is a suave-looking site full of creative skill video classes. The classes are taught by experts and focus mostly on art and music, but some also discuss finance, business and law.

As its name would suggest, this site teaches users how to play chess. Videos, puzzles, tests and games can make you a better player.

Music lessons are expensive, and even YouTube tutorials have their limit. Pianu can teach you to play the piano on your PC, tablet, phone or an attached keyboard.


Whether you’re looking to bolster your academic skills or learn something creative on the side, the Internet has free resources to help you.

Photo by CollegeDegrees360