This article is a part of a series where Hack College writers investigate different parts of campus life in order to provide readers with  information on how you can use this service better while in college. Stay tuned for other parts of campus.

Many college students go their entire college career without having visited the campus library at their institution. Whether you’re an English major or you’re studying Biochemical Engineering, there are many things that the library can offer you as a student. Take advantage of these services before it’s too late!


Need I say more? This is likely the one place on campus that has any book that you might need for research, projects or even just for fun. Best of all, your membership is free. Being a student in college, you are able to check out books for any sort of project, and you’re able to use these books for essentially as long as you need to (just as long as you re-check the book out before the due date).

A quiet place to be productive

Looking for a place on campus that isn’t crowded and will allow you to do your work in peace? Look no further. Your campus library likely has an entire floor dedicated to the quiet workers who need silence to focus. Better yet, some campus libraries will offer individual rooms that you can reserve so that you can get your work done. If you’re like me, you need to be isolated in order to get your work done without losing focus.


Many people may not know this but librarians are highly-skilled, passionate-about-their-work kind of people. On college campuses, these people can be the key to your research success. Meeting with librarians to get help in starting research, to find a different angle, or to make you think differently about something can further your academic and social development as a college student. Utilize these great minds while it’s available to you.

Writing Center

Some colleges may have a Writing Center located in their library. This is a place where your peers can help you become a better writer. Want to learn how to start an essay? Go to the Writing Center. Want to have your paper proofread? Go to the Writing Center. Having trouble working through some sentence structure issues? The Writing Center is your place. The people who are staffed in this office are typically students and professionals whose main goal is to help you become a better writer, and thus, a better communicator.

Research resources

Most college libraries contain electronic and hard-copy databases that hold a vast amount of information for just about anything that you’re looking to research. These are likely provided to the students free of charge (or it’s a part of your fees). This can be the single most important aspect of campus libraries, mostly because there will come a point when you’re going to have to research something for a class and you’re not going to know where to look. Use this tool for when you’re looking for a wide variety of perspectives, or even when you’re looking for something specific.

The advancement of knowledge

If you don’t use your campus library for anything else, use it to advance your own knowledge. The sole purpose that it’s on your campus is to assist in your learning process as a student, and to contribute to the research being conducted across the world by students and professionals alike. Contributing to the advancement of knowledge can help you set yourself apart from the crowd when it comes time to search for graduate schools or even start your career.