Have you ever had a weird or unusual job? I thought I had endured a few in my eight years of professional experience. That is, until I found several lists* depicting some of the strangest professions I had never heard of. The list below is of 35 actual jobs that exist today both in the United States and around the world. Some of these might shock you, others may amuse you, and a few may do nothing more than outright freak you out.

The List:

1. Professional Bridesmaids
2. Disney Character
3. Video Game Tester
4. Spy
5. Body Painter
6. Government Astronomer
7. Feng Shui Consultant
8. Volcanologist
9. Fragrance Chemist
10.Hippo Therapist
11.Academy Awards Ballot Counter
12.City Trader
13.Ayurveda Healer
14.Bike Courier
15.Image Consultant
16.Color Expert
17.“Fake” Facebooker
18.Nail Polish Namer
19.Online Reviewer
20.Pick-Up Artist Instructor
21.Veterinary Acupuncturist
22.Fortune Cookie Writer
23.Snake Milker
24.Pet Food Taster
25.Professional Pusher
26.Garbage Detective
27.Alibi Provider
28.Professional Mourner
29.Professional Cuddler
30.Professional Line-Standers
31.Wall Street Prison Consultant
32.Ex Revenge Consultant
33.Professional Bed Warmer
34.Rental Boyfriend/Girlfriend
35.Professional Contest Winner

I don’t know about you, but I’m definitely excited about the fact that if I am missing a bridesmaid on my special day, I can just purchase one for a few hours, or that if I am ever in a bind, my professional alibi giver is just a computer click or phone call away. There’s also the fact that if I ever decide my social science degree just isn’t right for me anymore and I need a change of face, a career as a pick-up artist instructor is always waiting for me.

That is just the short list of some of the very strange professions out there in the world. I haven’t included certain professions in the list such as: ant vendors, vomit cleaners, and professional in-home head lice removers, but definitely check out the sources for more detailed information and additional strange jobs. Some of the sources even tell you where to look to get started in the fields listed. What do you think of all of these jobs? Do you know a weird job worth mentioning that I forgot about? Let us know in the comment section!

*Sources: Business Insider, Scoop Whoop, The Washington Post, CreativeLive Blog