ColorNote is an Android note app well suited for keeping tabs on everything you do and everything you need to remember. Its has an ideal category system that offers plenty of convenient tools like check lists and detailed notes.

I stumbled upon ColorNote years ago when I transitioned to using solely Android mobile devices. I needed a quick and simple note-keeping app that would HColornote1synchronize with several other Android tablets and smart-phones, but I also wanted something packed with features.

It’s a little more difficult to find that than you’d think. ColorNote meets that challenge and then some. It has a simple, color-coded organization scheme. Best of all, entering or editing notes is quick and easy.

ColorNote features two types of note formats. One provides you with a blank screen for entering text notes in free form. The other lets you create a checklist.

Tap an item on the checklist to strike out a completed item. Tap the item again to remove the strike out. It’s an ideal system for shopping lists and to-do lists.

You can create different checklists for various purposes. For example, you can set up recurring shopping lists for different stores. You can create separate to-do lists for each class and campus organization in which you participate. When the checklist is completed, you can delete it or edit it for next time.

Functional Interface

Using ColorNote is as easy as jotting down notes on Post-its to create visual reminders of your tasks around your desk. The process used on the app is similar.

When you open the ColorNote app, you will see a list of notes in either list or grid view, depending upon how you set your preferences. Tap the list you want to open.

If using the grid view, you can quickly scroll through the index of all of your notes; ColorNote displays the information in the top portion of each. Tap the square containing the note you want and it will expand to full screen. ColorNote also lets you pick the background color of your notes and set reminder times for them to alert you.

ColorNote also has a calendar feature. This allows you to add text and checklists to any day on the calendar. Just as with creating non-calendar notes and checklists, you can give the item a title and tap the “+” icon to add details.

Index your notes by:

  • Time modified
  • Time created
  • Alphabetical order
  • Color
  • Reminder time

Using It

ColorNote 5ColorNote is registered to your Google account. It automatically synchronizes all of your lists and calendar entries with any ColorNote app on your other Android devices.

Taking a note is as simple as using a basic text or word processor. There is no limit on how many words you can type and no limit on the number of notes you can create in ColorNote. Similarly, in the checklist mode, you can add as many items as you want and arrange the order with drag buttons activated in the edit mode.

ColorNote comes with a set of widgets to display certain types of notes or calendar items as live displays on your home page screen. The Sticky Note memo widget, for example, lets you put your notes on your home screen.

Additionally, you can use ColorNote’s calendar to write a journal, which you can password along with your notes. Your data is protected with secured backups to SD storage, which is good if you don’t sync your notes to other ColorNote apps on multiple devices.