What is it about millennial’s not being up to date on current events?

The news is important and filled with information we should all know about, especially because a lot of it directly pertains to us.

I know cat videos and quizzes identifying which NSYNC member you’re the most similar to are more entertaining, but the news plays a huge role in our lives and should begiven the attention it’s due.

I’ve outlined the reasons you should be following the news below.

It’s About You

Not specifically you, but you as a young adult. A lot of the news today is presented for college students, by college students.

Check out this USA Today section about college life and read what’s going on in the minds of others in your age range.

Or check out Kicker, another news site featuring a college section filled with inspiring stories that will motivate and inspire you.

There’s a mountain of stories that deal with debt and more debt, a subject most of us are — unfortunately — very interested in.

Impress Your Professors

Lately, I can’t get through a class without my professors discussing something big in the news.

By getting a head start on current events, you’ll be prepared for discussions and it’ll leave an impression; this is the sort of thing that will make you stand out, making it easier to ask for letters of recommendation later on.

The VW scandal was brought up in all of my Criminal Justice classes and I was so relieved I actually knew what was going on. It gave me a chance to talk to my profs about something other than what was on the syllabus.

Boost Your Grades

How can you think of interesting, timely paper topics if you don’t know what’s going on in the world?

Most of the ideas I come up with for my papers are taken straight from the headlines. Even if all news doesn’t interest you, skimming through news stories that relate to your major will help you stay on top of things and realize the subject goes beyond the classroom.

For example, if you’re going into medicine or pharmaceuticals, being aware of the controversies currently surrounding the industry can aid you in deciding what type of role you want to pursue in the field.


Nothing is sweeter than winning a debate because you have more sources.

Whether you’re arguing on a Facebook status about the latest GOP debate, or having an in-class debate about the current refugee crisis, reading news stories will arm you with all the facts your opponents may not know.

Use that information to your advantage and exit the conversation feeling victorious.

It’s Fun

It’s fun to know things!

I love knowing what’s going on in the world and being informed about current political and economical conditions. It’s important to stay current. We’re living the history that future generations will be reading about in textbooks, and we shouldn’t take that for granted.

Read an article or watch a news clip. Discuss what’s happening in your community. Be active and engage. It’ll make you better.