Ah, Amazon—the online world’s one-stop shop for diapers, drones and discounted textbooks. Whether you’re logging in for the occasional splurge or are chained to the mobile app, there are plenty of ways to enhance your Amazon experience. We’ve provided some helpful tips here.

Share Prime
Amazon Prime has many perks, but sometimes even the discounted student price is hard to swing. Fortunately, you can split the cost of your two-day shipping between up to four people. If you can convince your roommates to share the cost of Prime as well, it’s nearly a 75% discount.

AmazonSmile allows a portion of your eligible Amazon purchases to be donated to the nonprofit of your choice. Major and local charities, churches and schools are among the recipient options.

Credit Cards
Different types of credit cards offer different advantages when shopping online. Research your options, such as Amazon’s Rewards Visa card or the Amex Blue Cash Preferred card, and enjoy benefits such as rewards points and cash back.

Prepaid Gift Cards
Amazon gift cards make a great gift for college students. They can be purchased from $15 to $250 and are conveniently delivered through email.

Find Good Deals

Wisebread offers a guide to help you (quickly) determine whether you’re getting the best deal when shopping on Amazon.

Discount Filter

If you want a high-end product on sale, this simple step will automatically pull up discounted items. Just add “&pct-off=percent” (with the word percent replaced by a number [75] or range [50-70] to the end of your URL to refine your search.

Shipping Refund

If you’re a Prime member, you’re paying for two-day shipping through your membership fees. If your purchase is considered Guaranteed Accelerated Delivery and doesn’t arrive on time, you can talk to customer service to receive compensation or a membership extension.

Price Drop Refund
It’s always frustrating to buy something only to see the price drop the next day. If this happens to you, get in touch with customer service to take advantage of Amazon’s secret price match policy.

If you want to buy an Amazon add-on item but don’t want to order $25 worth of other products, you can add an unreleased preorder item to your cart to bring the total above $25 and cancel it after check-out.

If you love Nike, Patagonia and Ralph Lauren but can’t afford their sticker price, then you’ve probably visited an outlet mall in search of deals. Amazon Outlet is a similar service, offering clothes, electronics and other goods for significantly marked down prices, usually because they’re “open box” or didn’t sell as quickly as Amazon predicted.

Wish List
Amazon’s wish list feature comes in handy around birthdays and holidays. Want something that isn’t sold on Amazon? Use the Amazon Universal Wish List extension or bookmarklet to keep track of everything in one place.