Everyone’s late teens and early twenties are a time for exploration and finding a place in the real world. While it sounds nice on paper, entering the workforce can be a stressful experience. What was once met with unbridled enthusiasm can quickly dissipate once reality begins to settle in.

Truly, while the twenties are a time to learn about oneself, it is also the time to learn about where one does not fit. Not every job is going to be a good fit for each individual, and some people completely abhor their jobs, even well past their twenties.

I’ve compiled this list from various sources* to remind you that things could always be worse. The list below details 25 of the worst jobs you could have:

1. Mosquito Bite Victim
2. Bicycle Brick Carrier
3. Pig Inseminator
4. Groom of the Stool
5. Roadkill Collector
6. Crime Scene Cleaner
7. Gold Farmer
8. Dog Whipper
9. Manure Inspector
10. Spit Boy
11. Shark Wrangler
12. Sewer Diver
13. Leech Collector
14. Cat Food Quality Controller
15. Target Stabilizer
16. Sin-Eater
17. Snake Milker
18. Grass growth expert
19. Grave digger
20. Body Snatcher
21. Subway Pusher
22. Armpit Sniffer
23. Stun Gun Tester
24. Tosher
25. Theme Park Janitor

My personal least favorite of the bunch are definitely the armpit sniffer, stun gun tester, and dog whipper, because who wants to actually deal with that torture?

So if you’re having a bad day or wondering why your life isn’t going the way you planned at the moment, remember, it can always be worse and you’re definitely not stuck in the position you’re in. Things can always get better, so maintain your focus and carry on with your professional endeavors.

Try to think on the bright side–at least you’re not a pig inseminator.

Sources: Mirror, Planet Dolan, Opposing Views, ShortList