Being a student doesn’t automatically give you an “A” in the people skills department. Unfortunately, we all tend to let our emotions color our perceptions when it comes to making critical judgments about people. If you have an iPhone, you can use technology to make your relationships more black and white.

People Keeper, or “pplkpr” for short, is one of the newest apps designed to help you manage social insecurities and frustrations. Students are easily bogged down with work and school. Pplker can help you sharpen your decision making when your people-related emotions are involved.

This innovative app is the creation of Carnegie Mellon artists-in-residence Lauren McCarthy and Kyle McDonald. They tested it with students there to make sure it was more than an art project. This app tracks, analyzes and auto-manages your relationships. It ranks relationships by tracking how they affect your heart rate.

You can use it with or without a smartwatch. Pplkpr was designed to work with a Mio heart rate band ($149.00). But it will work with most any Bluetooth heart rate monitor.

Get the app and try it without a monitor. You can enter your responses to the wide variety of social contacts you make every day as a student. The app will present you with graphical results in response. That may be all you need to manage your social reactions and weed out friends who create excessive emotional baggage.

You can decide later if you want more extensive social monitoring automated by a heart monitor. The monitor detects fluctuations in your bio-readings that reflect emotional mood changes when you are around different people. The app, however, is easy to use and will work fine for you on its own.

How It Works

Pplkpr Screenshot
Pplkpr takes a list of your Facebook friends and allows you to track how they make you feel when you spend time with them in real life.

You have your iPhone with you nearly every waking hour. You probably check your social media feeds and text messages often. So, using your iPhone to enter quick observations about your friends’ impact on how you feel should be a natural extension of your normal routine.

Enter the details briefly in the response blocks. Pplkpr aggregates and analyzes your data. It looks for trends.

You can look at the results and see who is affecting you the most. You can chart the negative and positive reactions. This makes it easier for you to adjust your social invitations and interactions.

People Keeper helps you monitor physical and emotional responses to your social circles. The app makes keeping track fast and easy. Use this technology to monitor your reactions to different people and weed out the relationships that bog you down.

Safe and Secure

Pplkpr is not time consuming to use, like writing in a journal would be. You have an index of friends and you use it to monitor your reactions to interacting with them.

Enter the time and date of a social interaction. Make note of how you feel with that encounter. For instance, you might feel scared, calm or excited. Whatever you are feeling, enter it into the app.

One of Pplkpr’s benefits is that it helps you act on what you learn about the ways your friends impact your emotions. For example, the Pplkpr app can compose text messages for you to send. It can invite people to hang out. It can even block or delete contacts you designate.

You can see these actions as the app carries out your decisions. A notification will appear on the home screen as they happen.

So if you’re interested in diving even deeper into the social waters you’re already swimming in, try out Pplkpr and find out more about yourself and your friends.