Three exams, four essays, three group meetings, one final project, five classes and 30 hours spent crying. Welcome to the typical week of a college student.

No matter what year you’re in, all college students have one problem in common – productivity. You quickly figure out that there are only so many hours in a day, and the race against the clock becomes a struggle. This leads to students chugging their favorite energy drinks and pulling all-nighters to finish their work.

This is not a healthy way of getting work done. It’s better to stay organized, plan ahead and get a good night’s sleep. In fact, successful students tend to plan the next day before going to bed. The best way to manage your time is to use apps and tools to appropriately plan each task.

Here are six productivity tools to replace college students’ paper planners:

Trello is one of the best time-management apps available right now. It has everything a college student needs to organize their work. You can create boards, much like Pinterest, to organize everything you have to accomplish for a specific assignment. You can also make cards with to-do checklists. This app is visually appealing, which will help you keep track of everything you have to do.

You can also collaborate with others on Trello. Assign tasks to others, chat with group members and upload files to make working in groups a lot easier.

Price: Free iOS | Android

Remember the Milk
If this app can make you remember the milk, then it can make you remember anything.
Remember the Milk is a great to-do list manager that’ll keep you on top of everything. It will sync all of your devices and send a notification, email or text when you have to do something. You can organize the tasks however you like. You’ll definitely get everything done with Remember the Milk.

Price: Free, but Pro Subscription is $39.99 annually iOS | Android

My Study Life
My Study Life is an app that knows how hectic college students’ schedules are, and it wants to help. You can store class times, homework assignments and exam dates to keep track of everything. It’ll also sync to all of your devices so you’ll never miss anything important.

You can store notes and check your schedule for each hour, day, week or month. My Study Life will let you know if something is unfinished or overdue. Not only is this a great time-management app, it’s also one that’s designed for students.

Price: Free iOS | Android

Week Plan
Sometimes life throws you a curveball and makes it difficult to finish every task you have planned for the day. This is why it might be better to plan out your week instead.

Week Plan lets you set tasks for the week without assigning them to a specific day. This is great if you want to stay organized but not feel the pressure of getting something done on a certain day. If you know you have to study this week, assign that for the week and study as much as you can. This might make you more productive than if you assigned different chapters for each day.

Price: Free iOS | Chrome

Although it might be a little pricey for most college students, there’s no denying that 2Do has just about everything to offer. You can make lists for related tasks, tag groups and assign locations to tasks. Project view comes in handy because you can view subtasks, use shortcuts and focus solely on one project. 2Do is becoming everyone’s favorite task manager.

Price: $14.99 App iOS | $49.99 Mac iOS

Cal is one of the best calendar apps on the market. It’s easy to schedule meetings and set up tasks and reminders. Set a reminder to call another student about a project you’re working on and Cal will make sure it happens. Unlike a planner, Cal will give you a clear perspective on your entire day.

Price: Free iOS | Android

It’s well worth your time to try these apps and figure out which helps best improve your overall productivity. Soon you’ll be on your way to becoming a much more organized, and far less stressed out student.