Adler Notes is about as close as students can get to having the a digital Swiss Army Knife for taking notes. It’s a free Android note-taking app that handles your lectures notes, assignment reminders or diary entries.

This app does all things related to note-taking, and it does them very well. The range of features this free app provides makes it a tremendous bargain.

Rather than including everything, I expected some of the best features to be teased for purchase in a pro version. The developer, Spend Apps, took the high ground by making everything this app does fully functional from the start.
Adler Notes Logo
The only confusing thing about this app is its names. It goes by two — so make sure you select the correct title.

If you search for Adler Notes, you’ll probably not find it. Even searching for it with the generic term “notepad” will fail to find it easily. Note-taking apps for Android are plentiful.

This app installs as “Notepad.” Look for it by spotting the icon showing a white eagle’s head profiled against a dark blue background. The app’s branding refers to this app as Adler Notes — but the name is simply Notepad.

What It Does

Adler Notes is perfect for recording lectures, meetings and interviews. Colors and tags help you to organize and classify everything. You can work everywhere, stay productive and get reminders.

The easy-to-use interface strikes a strong resemblance to the Google Keep app for notes. It does all of the same things plus a lot more. The basic note shows a text field, and there is no size limitation for a note’s content. You can take text notes, photo captures of illustrations or anything else.

Tap the plus icon on the main page to see a list of the types of notes. Tap the item you want and get to work. Create files with your voice — Adler Notes converts your speech to text. You can also audio record whatever is happening in the room.

You can take photos and have them automatically inserted into your note file. You can also create a check list, task list, to-do list or shopping list. Check boxes show you your progress.

Up to eight colors and limitless editable tags help you to organize and classify everything, much like Google Keep does. Sort notes by date of modification or creation, reminder date or alphabetically. You can also place items marked as favorites on top. The title field appears in bold.

Special Effects

Adler Notes reminds you with blinking LED notifications. Tap the icon in the Status bar notification area to add a new note quickly. Find your stuff fast with an efficient search window.

Adler Notes also has backup and restore features. It synchronizes with Google Drive and Dropbox using auto sync when on Wi-Fi. Re-sizable widgets and sticky note memos let you put notes on your home screen.

You can share ideas with friends and family via texting, e-mail, Facebook, Twitter or any other app with the aid of Adler Notes.