The grind of never-ending study and submitting assignments on time legitimately wears down college students. Your academic success is closely aligned with how you organize and plan to meet test dates and deadlines. Luckily, you can put your mobile devices to work to help you study smarter.

Here are two apps: one for Apple devices and one for Android users. Try them out–the’re both free.

iStudiez ScreenshotiStudiez-lite is for Apple devices. It helps you map out your semester and organize your course, assignment and exam schedule. The free Lite version lets you manage up to five courses, 15 classes/exams per course, 15 assignments, five instructors and two holiday periods. The app keeps track of alarms you set as due date reminders.

You can set interim due date alarms for various segments of your work in progress. If the free version doesn’t offer enough options for your crammed school schedule, you can expand its capabilities with the $2.99 Pro version. It eliminates the limits, adds push notifications, backup and other features.

Timetable provides Android users with similar task scheduling features. Use it to save your class schedules and all tasks associated with each course, from assignments to exams. One great feature is its ability to read your class schedule and turn down your phone’s ringer during class times.

This feature-rich app lets you view your timetable as a list or grid. You can search in your timetable and tasks and set your class calendar for two, three or four week cycles. You can also set notifications for lessons and tasks due tomorrow.

Timetable Screenshot 1

Timetable makes it difficult to forget what you have to do. It creates a 4×1 widget for each lesson or task. It displays one resizable widget (2×2 minimum) for each class. It puts lock screen widgets for each task as well.

Study Smarts
Planning your time is only part of the strategy for studying smarter. Add another strategy by improving how you spend your study time.

Coursera ScreenshotCoursera gets you to do what at first seems like total nonsense. Assign yourself independent study to advance your knowledge of your academic courses. If your goal is to round out your learning, it makes perfect sense. is an online education site partnering with many top colleges and universities in the United States. These schools offer both curriculum course study materials and MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses).

You can work from a computer directly on Coursera’s website. Or you can use the apps for anytime and anyplace learning. Coursera is available for iPhone and Android devices.

Learn more in your unscheduled time. You pick the where and when; you can study at your own pace.

The courses function much like an interactive textbook. They include pre-recorded videos, quizzes and projects. You can connect with other online learners to debate ideas, discuss course material and get help understanding concepts.

Additionally, you can design your own study regimen from a selection of courses that pique your interest. Or you can supplement whatever you are learning at your college. You can even use Coursera to get a head start on upcoming courses by getting familiar with the subjects before a new semester begins.

Courses range from business and computer science to data science, the humanities and more. This can be a great way to enhance your resume. You can list the certificates you earn for courses and list the projects you created to display the skills you acquired.