Textbooks have an ugly side to them. They are great resources, but often lack an answer key. As a learning device, reading thorugh chapter content in search of answers is time consuming and frustrating. A more effective strategy for learning is having quick access to textbook questions.

I learned that magic formula for learning many years ago. It lead me to making my teacher editions of textbooks available as desk reference materials within my classroom.

In both high school and college settings, school officials usually do not trust students to use an example answer as a method to facilitate actual learning and understanding. School administrators worry about answers from textbooks acting as a vehicle for obtaining quiz and test questions by lazy instructors.

Slader.com provides a legitimate way for students to actually benefit from accessing answers to textbook questions. Slader lets students share their own answers to questions asked in most popular textbooks for free.

But Slader also offers more than a swap center for textbook answers. It provides a number of student-centered study services that enhance learning and subject mastery. All of the homework solutions on Slader are written by the Slader community. Any registered user of the highly mobile website can contribute solutions to textbook problems. The Slader community views and rates the solutions. You can view it all for free.

Slader.com is the digital equivalent to the student learning center at any school campus. You can go visit whenever you need to commiserate with other students about a subject query. Think of it as your study group in the 21st century.

Live Tutoring and Much More

You can also use Slader to locate a tutor. Slader’s learning platform lets you chat and share concepts through images and a live white board. You can request help from other students in the same subject, host a tutoring session with friends through a unique link or choose a certified professional tutor. You will not pay real cash for this tutoring service.

Instead, you will cash in your “Slader Gold” from your prior involvement on the website. This “Gold’ is Slader’s on-site currency. You buy it from your profile page or earn it by solving bounties, or questions, posed by other users. You can also use your Gold earnings to post your own bounty question.

Slader also provides a Q&A platform where you get answers to non-textbook questions on any subject. This adds a community process that benefits everyone on Slader. It helps to make your learning easier and more enjoyable.

About the Company

Based in New York City, Slader started in 2010. It is a user-generated academic platform for high school and college students. It is designed around three main features: Solutions, Tutoring and Q&A.

Solutions offers user-generated answers in thousands of the most popular textbooks. Tutoring lets you connect with peers to help each other understand concepts using Slader’s whiteboard and chat functionality. Q&A is the space where you ask questions and provide answers for problems and concepts not found in textbooks.

Leveled Learning and Earning

Slader has two peer help levels, called seshes. You can create and invite your peers to join your friend session if you want to collaborate on a shared assignment. You can opt for a peer sesh that links you with a random Slader user who agreed to be available to help in the given subject.

Slader is FREE to use. The price you pay is through the ads the website serves. To remove tehse ads, you can enroll in the payment premium option. But try out the free service and tolerate the ads before you plunge into the premium domain.

If you develop an avid interest in Slader, you can actually earn some pocket money by “dealing” in Slader Gold. The more actively you participate in helping other users solve their academic bounties, the more Gold you accumulate. Your status is tracked on your profile page.

Ultimately, you can redeem your earnings via Paypal. But be aware that this entrepreneurial activity can be taxed. If you earn $650 or more over the calendar year, Slader will report your earnings to the IRS via a 1099 Form.