Students have one problem in common. No matter your level of education, regardless of your part-time or full-time status, that shared problem is the same. You need help keeping track of your daily agenda.

The School Assistant app solves that problem.

school assistantSchool Assistant offers a simple method for organizing your schedule. It comes bundled with an easy way to track grades in real time. It even mutes your phone automatically any time you’re in class.

School Assistant works with iPhone, iPad and Android devices. Even better, it is free.

This app is a digital day planner. It helps you to keep all of your upcoming assignment due dates, class dates and test schedules, all in one convenient place. It also throws in the ability to track what to study for your upcoming exam. School Assistant even charts your progress throughout the term.

Sure, you could find numerous apps that offer each of these reminder and tracking functions. But you would be hard pressed to find one app that does all of what School Assistant handles. Switching between apps makes it a lot more cumbersome to check your calendar, your class schedule and your notes.

School Assistant does all of that.

Handy Set Up

Setting up most apps is a chore. You usually have to transfer existing information manually. That is not the case with School Assistant. You can directly import existing calendar data and settings from a previous installation, such as your Google or Outlook calendar.

One feature that makes setting up this app so handy is how it prompts you about how your school year is organized. A series of screens guide you through selecting features such as school term divisions, configuring the types of classes you take and the types of evaluation the grading system focuses on.

It is easy to enter repeated class sessions. Tracking the duration of small-group classes, lectures and lab sessions is a snap. The “People” category lets you manually add school personnel and selected contacts.

Comprehensive settings let you change the colors of page elements or the app itself. You can define notifications and change various aspects about grading and other options you set when you first started using the app.

school assistant app

User Upgrade

School Assistant is a solid app. Its performance and features deliver on the promise of keeping your academic work organized. But the ads the app displays can be annoying. Unfortunately, viewing ads is the price you pay for the otherwise stellar free version.

If you want to push your options a bit, you can upgrade to School Assistant + for $1.59. The additional features plus the loss of ads more than makes up for the slight cost. Here is what you get:

  • Main screen customization
  • Weighted grades and evaluation types
  • Better control and prediction on grades
  • Unlimited evaluation types
  • Google Calendar sync (one way)
  • Google Drive sync
  • Multi-user support
  • Events widget (Android 3 and 4 – can be added in the lock screen in Android 4.2 and up)
  • Custom icons
  • Password protection
  • Schedule widget