It’s time to acknowledge the inevitable: stores have been hawking cheap crayons and futons for two months now, Facebook’s deluge of first-day-of-kindergarten mom posts has faded away and yesterday’s Timehop was an awkward photo from freshman orientation. The college school year is beginning.

You may not need a pencil bag or pack of colored pencils this year, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t prepare for the new school year. Check out some of the posts below to make this year the best yet.

Getting Started
The first week of school is a breeze—every class is a syllabus review, major deadlines are weeks away and you’re still tan and relaxed from vacation. Use your extra time to start off on the right foot!

Graduation Requirements
In high school, you could just take whatever schedule they gave you, but now your decision to take Underwater Bandalooms instead of Intermediate Algebra might require an extra semester. Try these methods to make sure all your requirements are met.

The Future
Freshman year, life after graduation seemed a million years away, but now everyone’s talking about Internships and Graduate Applications and Deadlines. What are you going to do with your life?

Habits and Goals
This is the year. The year you’re going to finally kick that one bad habit and take up some virtuous side project. Whatever your goals may be, make yourself a better person this semester.

Other Things
While you’re at it, go ahead and improve the things around you while you’re working on yourself. Your stuff, your space and your relationships could all use some TLC.

Welcome back to school! We here at HackCollege hope 2016-17 is one for the books.