The new semester is upon us. Whether you’re carrying the same backpack you’ve had since kindergarten or something more sophisticated, here are a few tools you won’t want to be without.

A mini stapler
Most professors have transitioned into the twenty-first century and allow you to turn in work online, but for the holdouts, a mini stapler will save you when you’ve got to print your paper in the lab right before class. Mini staplers also come in handy for lending (paper) notes and turning in written work during class.

Hand sanitizer
Flu season and communal living facilities are the breeding ground for all kinds of nasty stuff. Washing your hands, getting sleep and eating a balanced diet are some of the best preventative measures you can take. Carrying hand sanitizer is great for when you can’t get to a sink or when your hands feel gross mid-lecture.

A designated pen, flash drive, pair of headphones and phone charger

There are a few things that are good to have on you whether you’re attending class or just out and about. Keeping a designated pen, flash drive, headphones and charging cable in your backpack or purse ensures that you’ll never be without these essential tools.

Water bottle/pouch
We all know the importance of staying hydrated, especially for student athletes and those keen on living a healthy lifestyle. Keeping a filled water bottle in the side pocket of your bag is a good way to know that you’ll always have something to drink. If you’re not into water bottles, consider keeping a collapsible water pouch inside your bag. That way you can fill it up at a sink or fountain instead of shelling out $$ at the soda machine.

A portable power bank
As phone screens get bigger and battery-hogging apps (looking at you, Snapchat and PokemonGo) become trendier, the need for midday charging increases. You can always plug into the wall or your laptop, but many power banks are available for less than $20 and will charge your devices on the go.

Whatever your schedule, having these versatile, compact items with you will help you cope with the challenges and inconveniences of the day