In a smartphone obsessed world, it can be easy to forget that phones are good for something other than texting and tweeting. This semester, load your phone or tablet with apps that will help you survive your classes and give you a break when you need one.

Planner App

Any planner app will do, but get one! It’ll help you track your schedule, alert you when something is due, and remind you when you’ve got stuff going on. Try School Assistant, and learn more about it here.


College books are annoyingly expensive. Fortunately, Scribd
takes all of the websites that are selling your book and compares their prices for you all in one quick, easy search.


Having trouble understanding Shakespeare? Those classics just not self-explanatory enough for you? Check out CliffsNotes, where you can find summaries of books, explanations of themes and symbolism, and quizzes to test your knowledge.


Citations are the worst part of any paper. Save some time by downloading Easybib. Just enter the book or website you used, which format you are using for citations, and the app will generate the citation for you.

Of course, you’ll want to double check to make sure it’s right, but still, it’s a time saver.


This is important. Your parents miss you; they want to see you. Make sure to install Skype on their phone and yours so you guys can get some face to face time in before the holidays. if only for even a few minutes a week.

It’ll make them happy.

Google Drive

Access your most important files anywhere, from any device by logging onto Google Drive. Forgot your laptop at school but you’re home and need to finish a paper? No problem. Finish it from your tablet, parent’s laptop, or even your phone.

Plus, if you have a group paper you need to write, you can all edit at once through a shared document.


Test your knowledge and maybe even find some college quiz answers.

Quizlet has hundreds of flashcards on all subjects that cover everything you’re learning in class.


Need to understand and answer math problems fast? Take a photo of the equation with your phone, and boom, Photomath has you covered. Learn more about it here.

Wolfram Alpha

This is magic. Have a question? Wolfram Alpha will answer it and explain it. This got me through math, and it’ll help you, too.


For all those taking a foreign language, Babylon is essential. It has a bunch of translations and study tools to help you on your journey to becoming multilingual.

Self Control

Perfect for exam week! Download it to your laptop, enter in all of the websites you absolutely cannot waste your time on, and it’ll temporarily block your access to them. Self Control is perfect for when you have none.


TED is full of inspirational, educational, and all-around interesting TED Talks from creative minds all over the world.

Candy Crush

Because sometimes you just need to play a game with pretty colors and sound effects. Play Candy Crush to take short breaks from studying.