Now is a good time to expand your tech tools and save some money in the process.

Most people toss their replaced computers, tablets and smartphones in a drawer and forget about them. Some sell their old gear on Ebay or post notices on college dorm bulletin boards.

You have a better option that can earn you a decent return. Sell your old electronic stuff to raise some much-needed cash to upgrade your equipment, put towards your next tuition bill or buy textbooks.

Selling second-hand electronics can be a hassle. It does not have to be a time-consuming, frustrating task. Check out as a one-stop resale shop. Gazelle is an e-commerce vendor that buys and sells pre-owned consumer electronics.

The Boston-based company started business in 2006. Since then, the company paid out some US $270 million in cash to more than one million consumers to buy back their used devices. The online vendor reconditions the devices and sells them on its website. But you have no purchasing obligation.

If you have Apple hardware and want to upgrade to the new line of Macbooks and iPads that Apple is readying for release, now is a good time to make a deal. This is not an official offer from Apple. It is a legitimate opportunity provided by But act quickly. Gazelle’s special Apple buyback offer ends November 5 for Macbooks and iPads.

This is a great opportunity for struggling students to sell Gazelle their older Mac computers and iPads. You can use that money to offset the cost of buying the latest Apple devices.

Why sell back to Gazelle? Three reasons. One, you get a 30-day guaranteed price quote. Two, shipping is free. Three, you choose the payment method of cash, PayPal or an Amazon Gift Card.

Here’s the Deal

Go to Gazelle’s website and find your device in the catalog. Answer a few quick questions about its condition. Then lock in the price.

Gazelle will send you the packaging and pay for shipping. Just place the device in the box, seal it and drop it in the mail.

The warehouse checks your description and condition report when it arrives. If the details match, the warehouse sends your payment the same day the device is received.

This is not a gamble. Market prices change, so the 30-day price lock protects the buyback price from going to a lower amount. But you will get a higher payment if the device’s condition is better than you initially stated despite that locked-in price.

Of course, you should delete all of your sensitive personal information from the device before mailing it. Gazelle follows best practices for removing data, so if you are not adept at device security, the company has your back. It follows a comprehensive procedure even if you wiped the device clean.

This includes clearing all data, resetting the device to factory defaults and destroying any SIM cards you left in the device. The company reinstalls the operating system and then overwrites all the free space on the drive. If the drive cannot be erased, Gazelle removes and properly disposes it.