Do you know what a full stack software engineer does? Or how much can you earn doing that job?

A full stack software engineer performs tasks at any level of the technical stack in which they reside. Those working in this position earned a mean salary of $106,000 in 2015. On average, back-end software developers make $101,000, front end developers make $92,000 and web developers make $76,000, according to data obtained from Indeed.

The Holberton School is accepting applications for admission to its January class in software engineering.

The San Francisco-based school offers an alternative to college, online courses and coding boot camps. It trains full-stack software engineers in two years by using a system already proven in Europe to scale to graduate thousands of elite engineers a year.

Holberton’s curriculum is based on collaborative peer-learning, a methodology where students help each other to learn and reach their goals. The school also uses a project-based approach where there are no formal teachers and no lectures. Students learn by building. This learning method guarantees that students are fully prepared to take on the most demanding jobs.

The school’s inaugural class, which began January 2016, already has half the class hired at companies like Apple, Docker, DropBox and more. The graduates include a student who received funding to start his own businesses.

“What a great first year we’ve had with motivated students and unprecedented support from the tech community here in Silicon Valley and around the world,” said Julien Barbier, co-founder and CEO of Holberton School. “We encourage everyone to apply who has a thirst for knowledge and is motivated to work hard independently and in groups.”

Enrollment Process

Holberton candidates go through a four-step selection process based on talent and motivation. No college degree or programming experience is required. The selection process is designed to act as the beginning of the curriculum so that applicants start learning–and collaborating–immediately.

The process consists of three levels:

  • Level 1 – Small online projects and tests that applicants can complete at their own pace.
  • Level 2 – A step-by-step challenge during which applicants create a website. At this level, the candidates are encouraged to begin collaborating, an important component of learning at the school.
  • Level 3 - An on-site or Skype interview.

Holberton School is open to anyone 18 or older, regardless of whether or not you’ve completed high school. The selection process is based only on talent and motivation.

Initial Track Record

In its first year, Holberton students participated in a number of different projects and events. These included hosting the first ever International Botathon in July 2016 and holding a session on innovative ways to play Pokemon Go by staying home.

The school has attracted highly qualified mentors from well-known companies. One student received a coveted internship at NASA’s SETI Institute.

The Holberton School offers unique teaching and tuition models focused more on project learning than the traditional lecture-based approach. Students do not pay until they are employed. Holberton is the first school to use Bitcoin technology to record and secure student credentials and diplomas.