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The Best of the Back To School Gadget Roundups

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11 Bookstore Rip-Offs You Shouldn’t Forget

em>This is a post in our 2009 Back to School series. You can see all of the posts here.

Oh, complexities of the typical packing checklist. It always fails. You're going to remember to bring clothes, sure. But what about hangers? Believe me, I forgot them three years running, and the "I'm wearing wrinkled clothes to be ironic" thing only works for so long.

So you get to school, realize you need all these little things, and where do you go? The bookstore. Where they rip you off, steal your money, and laugh at you while you pay $11 for a clothes hanger.

To save you some money, and stick it to the man that is the bookstore, here are 11 things you should bring with you to college that you might not think about.

Printer Paper - Printer paper is something you'll use constantly, and a big pain to not have available. Hunting for paper ten minutes before an essay is due is not the most fun experience, and the bookstore knows they can rip you off in your moment of need. Make sure you've got more printer paper than you could possibly need when you arrive - it might even make you someone else's savior.

Printer Ink - This one's the big kahuna, the one that's caused me more anxiety in college than anything else. I'll be printing a paper, and all of a sudden it starts coming out lighter and lighter, until the pages are just white. Bookstores, once again trying to take advantage of you, charge a whole lot more than, say, Staples. Or better yet, buy online.

Hangers - Edges of chairs, your headboard, the door - all these are replacements for hangers, and none really work that well. You're going to have times when you need to look presentable, and having clothes ready is key. Bookstores don't always have hangers available, and when they do, they're about $43 each.

Light Bulbs - It never ceases to amaze me how creatively I can destroy light bulbs. I've tripped and broken one, hit one with my shoe, and just flat-out dropped one - it's no fun. Go to Walmart or Target, and buy light bulbs in bulk - you'll need a bunch over the course of the year. Darkness is highly overrated.

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