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How to Bribe a Bouncer

So you’re going out tonight and you’re broke. The end of the term probably has left your bank account empty. But you still want roll up to the club on some dubs and not flub. You’re going to want bribe the bouncer. Here’s how

How to Pack Your Life into 2 Suitcases

Summer’s coming up fast, and we’ll all be packing our stuff into boxes and suitcases in a frenzy. That post-finals rush will inevitably result in things thrown out or left behind. And what if you’ve got an internship in another city. You’re screwed. This video explains how to downsize your life

Pregame with Us Tonight on UStream!

Rather than release an episode today, we’ll be doing a live episode tonight to pregame the Michigan State-North Carolina game (which is the championship game for those living under a rock). So grab a few beers and come join us! (Note: the campus firewall on LMU doesn’t like the UStream chat client, so we’ll be ...

Brackets! – HackCollege Season 3, Episode 6

Chris and Kelly are back from spring break this week as they cover filing taxes as a student and how to hack your NCAA March Madness brackets. Topics this week: YouTube launches a special EDU channel. Brown exposes the identity of all of the students filing for financial aid. Blackboard releases their iPhone application. Chris ...

Live from SXSW!

Chris and Kelly were live in Austin, Texas for South by Southwest. Check out the show and the giveaways! Special Thanks to: Pantech

Sobruary Wrap-Up on a Roof – HackCollege Season 3, Episode 4

Chris and Kelly interview some fellow students about their Sobruary experience and Kelly explains how to get on roofs around campus. Topics this week: A Calvin College student is suspended for a nasty Facebook message. Georgia Tech Students create an iPhone application for their university. Eight Maps ties Proposition 8 donors to their homes. Chris ...

Join Us @ BIL

HackCollege live from CES. Tune in today for our live BIL coverage!Chris and I are down in Long Beach this weekend at the BIL Conference with Revision3. If you like or are familiar with TED, you alread know BIL. BIL is the cheap cousin that’s just as cool as TED. Revision3 has decided to live ...

Study Skills Series at Not Just Surviving

Stephanie Bowyer has started a series over at her blog Not Just Surviving about study skills. While HackCollege doesn’t usually post about study skills, they are nonetheless important. Where will you find the time to shotgun beers if you aren’t studying efficiently? Stephanie’s posts are throrough and well-researched. Definitely give them a read if your ...