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What Google Wave Means for Students

an class="full-image-float-right ssNonEditable">Ride the wave.

A week or two after its first big beta release of invites, people are still chomping at the bit for invites. (I don't have any, sorry!) While everyone is waiting to jump on board, the real question remains: what does this mean for students? Will this completely revolutionize student communication? Or will Google Wave just be a flash in the pan? Is it better for organization, communication or both?

This post will discuss Google Wave, its shortcomings and its possible applications to student life.

How Many Schools View Wikipedia as a Marketing Tool?

Where’s the college Wikipedia police? Photo by flickr user Steve Punter Whilst browsing my own school’s Wikipedia article, I noticed something interesting. During the section discussing LMU‘s limited Greek system, I found these sentences: There are non-registered and un-recognized groups that exist on campus and are NOT affiliated with LMU or any of its departments. Any group ...

Blackboard Week Wrap-up

Thanks everyone for participating in Blackboard Week and leaving your comments about our ideas. It was a big success in our book. Traffic was way up throughout the week and we got some pretty good feedback from our ideas. Blackboard likes it, too. We’ll be doing more features like this in the future! Here are ...

Mojaam’s Jammin’ Room

Mojaam’s pad Sorry for the cheesy title. I couldn’t resist. Today’s Featured Desk Space submission comes from Mojaam, a current information systems student at UMBC in Baltimore. Mojaam, along with just about every other HackCollege reader it seems, has the dual monitor setup. Mojaam wouldn’t want to study too hard, so he’s got his Toshiba ...

3 Things That Blackboard Could Do Better This Version

em>This post is part of our ongoing Blackboard Week.

We're just asking for a drop of improvement. Awesome photo by flickr user laszlo-photoWhat we've talked about in the other posts of Blackboard Week have not been the most realistic critiques of the system, taking to mind the process of software development. Blackboard, Inc. probably has their roadmap laid out for the next 2 or 3 versions of the system. If they were to take heed everything we've said, they would have to scrap their entire system. Such a task is not realistic, nor is it necessarily the best thing to do.

This post will talk about improvements and refinements Blackboard could make today to make their system more user-friendly.

Integrating Blackboard with Other Systems

em>This post is part of our ongoing Blackboard Week.

Can't we all just play nice? Image from flickr user dkaz

My mother always told me to play nicely with others on the playground. My first internship out of high school was coding in C for a company called Automatic Duck. They've made an entire business out of translating project files of Avid or Final Cut Pro to Adobe After Effects project files. If you don't know video editing programs, think of them as a program that would allow you to import Microsoft Word files into Apple Pages or OpenOffice (if they didn't already do so).

Playing nicely with others is a good way to make sure your company stays on top: if users can easily bring data into and out of your system, the more likely they are to use it. Without the possibility of being trapped in a system forever, everything deserves a chance. This post will talk about the gains Blackboard could see if they iron out their integration into other systems.

Blackboard in the Cloud

This post is part of our ongoing Blackboard Week. There’s plenty of hype about “cloud” software these days. Many engineers argue back and forth about the benefits of developing software in the Cloud. In many ways, cloud software is nothing new. In other ways, it’s groundbreaking and an amazing business opportunity The cloud is king. ...

An Interview with Jason Sheedy, the Newest Intern for Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

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Toward the end of the summer, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon ran a contest to find their next intern. The show received thousands of submissions and they whittled everything down to one person. Competition was fierce. Hell, I even entered.

The student that would emerge victorious though is Jason Sheedy. He is currently a senior at SCAD. I decided to track him down and see how things are going so far.

Transcript interview and more videos after the jump!

The Problem with Blackboard 9

This post is part of our ongoing Blackboard Week. For our first post in our Blackboard Week, we will be giving a state of the union. This post will go over how Blackboard came to be what it is, some of the competition out there and some of the big problems with the software. Throughout ...

Now Twitter Can… Get You a Scholarship!

Of all of those companies offering scholarships out there via the Web, I feel that the aptly-named College Scholarships does it best. They are the most in touch. They are also not trying to hawk credit cards to students under the guise of philanthropy. College Scholarships has a new scholarship being offered for $10,000 and ...

Introducing: Blackboard Week

It’s not often you get to dedicate an entire week’s worth of content to a piece of software. HackCollege is getting to the point now where big companies are starting to care about what we have to say. Last week, Rob Fay from Blackboard got in touch with us and left a comment on a ...

Thanks to Beer Tees!

This post is sponsored by Beer Tees Season Favorite:  Fun Halloween Costumes Popular Product:  Pabst Beer T Shirts Most Popular Category:  Beer T Shirts Yesterday concluded a week-long sponsorship by Beer Tees. We’d like to take another moment to thank them for sponsoring the site. Without sites like Beer Tees, it would make it more ...