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If the internet is the wild west, Facebook is your homestead. And while everything can (and, for better or worse, does) go on the internet proper, Facebook is your little corner of the prairie to call your own. So are you doing it right? Let’s find out. You do not have 1,500 friends No matter ...

Facebook Rolls Out New “Groups For Schools” Feature

Facebook has started testing their new “Groups for Schools” feature with a handful of universities in the US. The new feature lets a school create a community that’s limited to just people with an active email address for that school. Once students and faculty become members, they can create or join groups within the community for ...

A Guide to Facebook’s Recent Changes

#8220;Now, News Feed will act more like your own personal newspaper,” says Facebook engineer Mark Tonkelowitz in a blog post.If you’ve been on Facebook in the last couple of weeks, you’ve probably noticed some dramatic changes in your newsfeed’s layout. What with the ticker, revamped friends lists, subscribe button, and more, Facebook has been rolling ...

Use Facebook to Augment and Restore Your Photo Library

an class="full-image-inline ssNonEditable">Now if my computer were to explode, my high resolution photos of Luke holding keyboards would be safe on Facebook.

Earlier this week, we all got to endure irate status updates and Tweets about Facebook's new photo viewer, which ineviteably faded away after a few hours.  Now that the dust has settled, it's clear that Facebook has emerged as a tremendous last-ditch backup utility for your cherished photos.

For a few weeks before the new lightbox viewer went live, Facebook has been giving users the option of uploading their photos in high resolution, which compresses them to 2048 pixels wide, rather than the paltry 720 pixels that we've been used to.  Though the difference isn't evident in the viewer itself, you can download the high resolution via a link on the bottom left of the photo.  This is great for archiving pictures of yourself that friends took, or saving albums from parties without risking your own camera.  The images aren't full resolution, but they're big enough to look good on your computer screen.  

Read on to learn how to use Facebook photos in a crisis

Facebook Launches New Profile

a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pl3vxEudif8">Ch-ch-ch-changes. Facebook, in an attempt to stay current and hip (haven't you seen The Social Network?), has just launched a new profile for their users. Screenshots are from Facebook's blog and are being displayed through fair use. As much as I love the readers of HackCollege, and would love to provide a more personal experience, I won't be displaying my personal profile for the sake of my friends' privacy (and maybe my own, too).

Some notable changes:


  • The profile "snapshot". Underneath a user's name, the elevator speech of their life is listed. For me, work information comes first, followed by education, current city and hometown, relationship status (if in a relationship), and birthday. This is followed by a row of recently-tagged photos, which the user does have the discretion of choosing - in an attempt to show what the user's recently been up to.
  • The profile "tabs" have disappeared, and now appear in a list off to the side, under one's profile picture.

Idiotproofing Your Facebook Photos and Videos

an class="full-image-float-right ssNonEditable">Yep, THAT red cup. Photo courtesy of Flickr user Chris Makarsky. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.


So it happened. Your first red cup picture has made its appearance on Facebook. Most likely you're underage - and you're probably a freshman who let your squeaky clean high school reputation slip a bit. But the question is - what do I do now?

In the United States, drinking under the age of  21 is illegal. However, for some reason, social networking sites like Facebook are hotbeds for photos of underage beer pong, keg stands, Jello shots, and undercover vice cops

Wait, what? Follow these tips below to protect yourself from getting into trouble by not being cautious enough on Facebook.

Facebook Unleashes New Privacy Controls

What the new privacy page will look like. Click here for more info straight from ZuckerbergWe’ve been talking a lot about Facebook lately because, frankly, about 99% of college students use it.  When Zuckerberg and co. came out with their incredibly fine-grained confusing new settings that defaulted to making tons of information public a few ...

Scan and Reclaim Your Facebook Privacy

As you can see, I have some work to do on my profile.Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard about Facebook’s recent privacy snafus. In fact, a few astute readers were correct in predicting the social network’s issues in the comments of this recent post.  Part of the problem stems from the ...

Facebook Turns On New Theme

As of today, Facebook has made its newest theme-change official. This is the most aggressive theme change yet, with a complete reorganization and a yet-again minimalist-ization (that is definitely not a word) to the profile pages. To check it out for yourself, just visit www.new.facebook.com. As with all Facebook updates, there’s going to be a ...

Find Out How Much Money You Don’t Have with Mint.com

If you’re a student, money is probably tight. If it’s not, your parents spoil you. Regardless of how many digits are in your bank account, Mint.com will probably help teach us a thing or two about the ever-increasingly complex finance system. Fresh Off the Press From the get-go, Mint.com leaves a fresh tingly feeling on ...

Facebook Phonebook

If your phone is ever stolen or lost or wet or broken or misplaced, please don’t create a Facebook Group about it. Get with Zyb, article here, or visit Facebook’s own Phonebook. You’ll get a list of all your Friends, complete with their Landline and/or Mobile numbers (should they list them on their Profile). Awesome ...