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Featured Desk: Luke’s Swedish Modern Workspace

an class="full-image-float-right ssNonEditable">When you stare into the screens, the screens stare back.Today's featured desk space comes from none othe than our own Luke Turcotte. The desk itself, unlike the last few we've featured, isn't dorm-issue--instead, it's an Ikea Expedit desk and, to the left, a bookshelf for storage.

Luke's laptop is, in his words, a "small and powerful" 13" Macbook Pro. It's lifted up on a Griffin Elevator to reduce eye strain while working. The second monitor, seen in the middle, is a Samsung 245BW 24" Display. He uses it to boost productivity when working from the Macbook, and as a substitute for a TV.

In front of the monitor, you can see Luke's Apple Wireless Keyboard and Magic Trackpad, which he's tricked out with BetterTouchTool to make the device more efficient. Behind the monitor you can see his speakers, which are M-Audio AV40 Studio Monitors--he says they've got great sound quality for a reasonable price.

Luke, as we've already seen, takes his notes on pen and paper. To digitize them, he uses his Epson WorkForce 610 All-in-One scanner/printer. He uses the Wacom Bamboo Pen and Touch (a tablet and stylus combo) to make edits to the scanned notes. If he needs cheap black-and-white printing, Luke uses his Samsung laser printer.

Luke uses his iPad, seen to the right, to hold his PDFs. It runs task manager OmniFocus. The iPad's little brother--Luke's iPhone--can be seen next to it.

The most interesting part about the desk is the power-saving mechanism: all the peripherals are connected to a single USB hub, so all Luke has to do when he gets home is plug the hub in and he can power on all the devices.

Click below the cut for another picture. Got a desk you'd like featured? Send it to us at [email protected]!

Featured Desk: Newly-Minted Mac Fan’s Study Powerhouse

an class="full-image-block ssNonEditable">Welcome to Thomas's death star command center. There are enough iDevices in this photo to make even Linux users drool.

This week's featured desk came to us with a complete description from its owner, Thomas Frank, which we'll be republishing here--it's always good to see people talk about their desks in their own words.

My desk has been a work-in-progress for the past year; here is its current iteration. The main limitation to what I can do is the desk itself; it comes with my room and can't be taken out. Taking that fact into consideration, I've put it in what I think is the best position for the hardware I have. I built the small shelf in order to provide room under the two monitors for my keyboard and laptop. When they are both under the shelf, I have a nice open space to put books and papers on. Recently, I switched from being a Mac-hater to a Mac-fan (a change brought about from my frustration with the Zune HD's lack of a to-do app), and thus I own an AT&T Bars-style assortment of iDevices which make my life easier. Surprisingly, I use the main desktop PC mainly for web design, gaming, and movie watching. The Logitech G15 keyboard is nice, but I prefer to type up notes and papers on the Macbook Pro. However, the desktop does win in the cursor department, coupling a Razer Deathadder and the Steelseries 4HD mousepad (which is the best mouse pad ever, and only $20).

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Featured Desk: Graphic Designer’s Paradise

When in doubt, build up. Japheth’s desk makes use of vertical space to open up the chance to fit in a Wacom tablet for graphic designing. Japheth Crawfod, a graphic design student at the Pennsylvania College of Technology, sent us this week’s featured desk. He’s made use of generic school-provided furniture and build up, allowing ...

Featured Desk: OpenStudy’s Yellow Jacket Nest

an class="full-image-float-right ssNonEditable">Sometimes what a startup needs is fuel: specifically, pizza and O'Reilly.This week's featured desk space comes not from a single reader, but from a group of them in the form of startup company OpenStudy. The company, based out of Georgia Tech and Emory University in Atlanta, views "the world as one big study group where students should be able connect with others studying the same material and collaborate in real time," according to project member Jon Birdsong. The company is attempting to bring the principles behind social networking to the traditional study group.

As you can see, the desk focuses on collaboration among members of the team--critical for the face-to-face group work required in building a website.

The free space on the desk allows for some choice in what the group members choose to have nearby--as you can see in the foreground, some go for reference books, while in the background you can see some dual monitor setups, and in the middle there are the ever-necessary pizza and beer (and water, for the more hydrated members of the group).

The desk setup has clearly worked out for the group as they've just recently started a partnership with MIT's OpenCourseWare, MIT's free, Creative Commons-licensed online courses.

Click below the jump for a larger version of the desk photo.

Commenters: got a desk that you want to show off? Then send pictures and a description of what you've done and how you did it to [email protected]!

Featured Desk: Shep’s Productivity Nook

an class="full-image-float-right ssNonEditable">Shep's desk makes him a lean, mean productivity-blogging machine.If there's any piece of furniture that college students are tied to, it's the desk. Where else can we convince ourselves to power through that 12-page final paper instead of taking a much-desired nap?

With that in mind, we're introducing a new feature where we highlight the most interesting desks that our readers send us. First up is not from a reader, but a writer: Shep McAllister, a student at Trinity University.

Shep was eager to submit his desk to the pool in part because this is the first year that he's had a real, organized space to use as a desk. To celebrate his swanky new space, he's hooked up dual monitors and purchased a nice desk chair from Ikea.

The above-desk shelf allows him to store a printer, spare paper, and his laptop case, while a below-desk trashcan ensures that he can toss his snacks once he's finished without having to stop working. Perhaps for inspiration, he's got a Dilbert strip taped up to the wall.

As you can see above the light, Shep's zip-tied his computer cables together so they're out of the way--an easy, cheap way to make a desk seem less cluttered so you can focus on writing rather than decluttering.

Click for more photos of the desk after the jump, and if you'd like to submit your own, email [email protected] with photos and a description of how you've hacked your desk and why.


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Featured Desk Space: Jack on Tap

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