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5 Reasons to Always Carry Pen and Paper

English majors aren’t the only people in college who feel the need to carry pen and paper around. Those who strive to work in business, those who want to be Entrepreneurs, and those who want to work in Journalism all find it beneficial. But you don’t have to have a specific major to be able ...

Create a Fun List to Readjust Your Perspective

College is great because (if campus life is hardy) there’s more stuff to do within a mile of you than there will be at any other point in your life. For example, off the top of my head I know that this week I have my pick of two competing Diwali celebrations, a Last Lecture, ...

3 Ways to Overcome the Midsemester Blerghs

[Image courtesy of Walt Stoneburner. Licensed under CC BY 2.0.] This time of year, it can be tempting to drag your feet on school work. The weather is cold, midterms are approaching and awful, and you’ve reached a point where class seems close enough to done that it’s not worth bothering. If you’re a sophomore ...

Three Tips to Avoid Being Annoying Question Kid

It happens in every one of my classes: at least once a class period, a kid raises his hand and I shudder. I do that because I know that the kid is going to say something asinine, be unpleasant to the professor, or just generally eat up time with a 20-minute question. I call him ...

Eat Better, Stay Lazy: The 4 Best Pre-Made Foods

Say hello to my little friend. ‪Image courtesy of Flickr user Nelson Pavlosky. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.‬ I’ve spent most of this summer trying to do as little as humanly possible. This includes cooking. Because I’m too lazy to shop for groceries regularly, I’ve been relying on pre-prepared foods which won’t go bad. Since ...

Use a Disposable Camera for Worry-Free Party Photos

Disposable cameras make everything look like the 90s. Image courtesy of the author, all rights reserved. The things that make college parties worthy of documentation are frequently the things that make them hostile to electronics. Things get spilled, people are clumsy, and at the end of the night you may have a ruined gadget. However, ...

Stop a Sting from Hurting with Tobacco

iframe width="640" height="390" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/lS-Z6Tu5CYs" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>

(Video contains some cursing--NSFW.)

Summer is great in that it allows you to be outside. It's less so in that, while you're outside, so are stinging things--like the yellow jacket which came after my friend Cat in the video. However, as she shows you in the video, a moistened cigarette rubbed on a sting can help stop it from hurting and help swelling go down.

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Moving For Cheap: How to Score Cardboard Boxes

an class="full-image-block ssNonEditable">A collegiate treasure chest! Image courtesy of Flickr user Charley Lhasa. Licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0.As Shep's article last week brought to our attention, moving season is upon us. However, as I discovered while packing last year, moving can be annoyingly expensive--particularly when it comes to finding enough cardboard boxes to pack up your things.

This Passionate Homemaking piece on moving, along with its Lifehacker writeup (the comments of which are worth a look), suggest searching for cardboard boxes on Craigslist or at liquor/grocery stores. However, if you live on a rural campus, Craigslist may be unhelpful and liquor stores unavailable. With that in mind, here are some more campus-specific resources for cardboard boxes.

Mail Services - My campus's mail services department has a huge pile of boxes by the trashcan from students receiving packages. The employees are glad to let you have them for free either to repurpose for shipping or--for larger care packages--to pack. These won't take care of your largest items, but they're useful for books or small collections of things. At my school, mail services is also helpful in providing tape and bubble wrap (and larger boxes) for a fee--not ideal, but useful in a pinch.


The Pros and Cons of Moving Home After Graduation

While I may be on spring break, I’m aware that those of us on the semester system have a mere 4 weeks of class left before summer. For the graduating seniors, there are probably many outstanding questions to be answered. A big one is: “What am I doing after graduation?” Another one is, “Will I ...

Per-Ounce: The Cheapest Ways to Get Drunk

For many students, two priorities top even the most crucial final assignments: Getting drunk Getting drunk cheaply While I don’t encourage binge drinking (always) it can be revealing to look at the actual cost-per-ounce of the things you drink frequently. GetDrunkNotBroke.com breaks it down into those terms. A few fun facts about things you might ...

Guest Post: Dealing with a Car Accident in College

an class="thumbnail-image-float-right ssNonEditable">Ouch. Photo by flickr user Adria Richards and licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0">CC BY-SA 2.0.

Today's guest post comes from Shep McAllister, a sophomore at Trinity University double majoring in communications and political science. He shares some advice about dealing with car accidents in school.

Having a car in college is awesome. You can escape campus whenever you want, members of the opposite sex flock to you for rides, and it helps establish a sense of independence and adulthood. It isn’t until you’re involved in your first car accident that you realize that being an adult can kinda suck, especially if you don’t know what you’re supposed to do.

I was recently rear-ended for the first time, and found myself clueless about what to do. I remembered that in the movies, the parties involved in the wreck exchange “information,” and then go on their merry way. Beyond this step I was pretty much lost, and while I was lucky enough to get my mom on the phone and a helpful officer on the scene, I realized that I needed to be better prepared if this were to ever happen again. So here’s a step-by-step guide I have put together, and am going to keep in my glove box from now on.

Guest Post: Ramenbox.com Review

an class="thumbnail-image-block ssNonEditable">Introducing... the Ramenbox. Photo by Blake Sutton.

This guest post comes from my younger brother, Blake Sutton. He's currently a sophomore at Notre Dame studying biochemistry or something. I don't like ramen so I forced him to write this review.

Going to school in the Midwest has few advantages. When you move in during the summer everything is humid and sticky. During the winter, snow gets dumped on you. The nearest Asian supermarket is in Chicago. It is nearly impossible to get decent ramen around here, something I miss from the West Coast.