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12 Essential Items for Your College Backpack

div>Okay, so mine's not Eddie Bauer. Photo courtesy of Flickr user ToastyKen. Licensed under CC BY-2.0.This week, I started my first week of classes as a college student. And dear Lord, how different that was. I experienced WiFi in classrooms (some of them at least) and as a result, Facebooking during class, professors who weren't afraid to say what they thought, and the first appearance of the mythical TA.

Last week, Lifehacker welcomed us back to school - with a combination of some of our posts and some of theirs. Lifehacker asked its commenters what's in their backpacks and as cool as some of the responses were (I'd want to be researching for a Ph.D in Botswana!), they just weren't relevant to most of us university students. I also find some things to be "pocket items" - their presence is a given, and I keep them in my pocket (girls might use a purse) instead - those include a cell phone, a wallet, a Moleskine notebook, and my iTouch.
After the jump below, I've got a list of what is absolutely required in every college backpack.