Since 1953 and the release of the novel Casino Royale by Ian Fleming, the spy with a license to kill has been inspiring wardrobes, drink orders, and the definition of suave. But James Bond’s savvy doesn’t just end with fancy gadgets. In fact, James Bond is a land-mine of brilliant business strategies.


Lesson #1: Think Like a Villain – CEO’s like Bond villains often fit the profile of a psychopath: charismatic, absence of emotion in decision making, intense focus, and egocentric. And like a psychopath, they are notoriously confident in their abilities to pull off their deranged plan. Not saying every CEO is a psychopath, only 4% to be exact, but it’s safe to say that almost all CEO’s have psychopathic tendencies which can be extremely beneficial when running any profit-driven business or trying to rule the world.

Lesson #2: Brand Trumps Individual – James Bond has been played by six actors, and that’s only counting the movie actors. So what do Sean Connery and Pierce Brosnan have in common? They are both a part of the James Bond brand. Organizations often struggle with bringing in new management, but the truth is, as long as a company’s brand stays steady, the business can continue enjoying success no matter who’s the leading man.

Lesson #3: Keep up to Date - Bond films have many things in common: the women, the clever comebacks, the signature cocktail. However, every new movie also features the latest gadgets, the newest cars, and updated everything from Bond’s shoes to the movie-shooting style of the director. While it can be easy for businesses to keep repeating its one great successful year – this strategy won’t lead to new wins. Instead, continually be up to date, fresh, and always be ahead of the game by knowing what your competitors “enemies” are doing.

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