Nothing can cut short a bout of online time-wasting like a dropped Wi-Fi signal. No matter why your reception is subpar – if you need to boost to your Wi-Fi, you’ve got plenty of options which don’t include dropping money on a new gadget.

1. Flip through the channels – When you first set up your Wi-Fi, it most likely defaulted to a certain channel, usually picking the least crowded, but not always. There are free tools online to use to check what channel your router is on and search if there is a less crowded channel available.

2. Make a move – The problem might just be that your router is tucked away in an entertainment center or other area of the house which doesn’t offer much range. Everything from metal objects to walls and the floor can interfere with a Wi-Fi signal, reducing your bars. Find a spot away from metal objects in a central location in the home. Get creative – sometimes a bathroom or kitchen is the best choice.

3. The beer can trick – When things get dire, it’s time to pop a cold one. Step one – drink beer. Step two – clean out beer can. Step three – pop off the pull tab and use a utility knife slice off the bottom of the can. Step four – do the same thing to the top, this time leaving about one inch attached right in front of the drinking hole. Step five – with a good pair of scissors, cut straight down the back of the can, so it opens up like a sheet of paper. The last step is to thread your router’s antennae through the hole of the can, opening the rest of the can out wide – it works best if you secure the can with some adhesive. Now, enjoy two extra bars of connectivity.