Deadline sneak up on you? If you aren’t in the mood to give your professor a late night call and beg for an extension, there’s a tech trick you can use to buy yourself extra time. Now lets make a corrupted document.

For a PC

  • Go to your start menu and search for “folder options”
  • Next, head to the View tab and uncheck the box that says “hide extensions for known file types.” Now, all your files will include their extension. (.doc, .docx, .jpeg, etc.)
  • Take a jpeg photo of a Word (or WordPress?) document that is either blank or contains the title and first few sentences of your presentation. Name it something to do with the assignment and change the extension from .jpeg to .doc. Your computer may prompt and say you are corrupting the file – just say a-okay. (This is important because some computers will show a preview of the document that may reveal the original image.)
  • Now, when you try to open the file, it won’t work. Send this off and get to work on the real assignment.

For a Mac

  • The concept is the same, but the steps a little different. First, click on your desktop and go to finder.
  • In the finder menu, navigate to preferences.
  • In the advanced tab there will be a box “show all file extensions” – click this.
  • Now, complete steps 3 and 4 from the PC section and you’ll be good to go.

Now for you lazy folks. There are plenty of 3rd party websites that will do all this for you. Just search “corrupt my file” and you’ll find a number of sites that will do the trick.


Also, technically this is cheating, so save it as a last resort. That way you can sleep at night with a clean conscious.