While perpetually being broke and in-debt seems to come hand-in-hand with realizing the dream of higher education – it doesn’t mean all nice things are off limits. In fact, some of the best brands out there offer discounts and deals just for students. When it comes to the tight budget of a college student – prioritization is key, which means don’t skip out on nice things, get a deal on them instead. Here are the top 5 sites for students hunting for a bargain.

  • The Apple Store for Education offers deals for college students, parents buying for college students – a tip you may want to drop next time you phone home – and more. While you can expect to still pay a pretty penny, at least you know you’re getting a discount and a high quality product.
  • Similarly, the Microsoft Student Store offers deals on all your favorite software including Office, Visual Studio, and more. Some of the discounts are actually pretty impressive – knocking down prices up to $100 bucks.
  • In art school or just wanting to keep your graphic skills up to date? Then log onto Adobe’s Student store for deals on the software you need to get ahead in the competitive world of photography, graphic design, and more.
  • STA.com is your go-to website for travel to exotic destination. Be sure to have a current student ID – these guys check – and log on for sales on train tickets, flights, hostels, and more. From the Alps to the Barrier Reef, to Patagonia, and beyond – STA can get you there for cheaper than the standard travel website.
  • Last but not least – hit the mall for some discounts at retail stores. Ann Taylor offers a 20% discount, Banana Republic offers 15% off, plus Madewell, Ralph Lauren, Target.com, and more have student discounts year around.