Oh Apple maps, the controversy you’ve caused, the heartbreak of fanboys and girls everywhere. But alas, even the mightiest apples have worms. Here are the top 5 alternatives to Apple maps for your phone or tablet.

1. Google Maps: Sorry Apple, but really there wasn’t anything wrong with Google Maps when you gave it the boot – in fact, there are a lot of things right with this app. The new Google Map app boasts recommendations, voice-guided navigation for safe driving, and can even help you find friends nearby if you’re feeling lonely.

2. Bing Maps: Even Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, swallowed his pride and told Apple users to checkout Microsoft’s Bing as a map service – and with good reason.The Bing map app comes complete with your standard direction giving feature, but also overlays of Foursquare maps, event maps, weather information, and more.

3. MapQuest: You might not have used MapQuest since being a teenager living in your parent’s house, but the app is free, the directions are clear, and the app will even keep you up to date on traffic.

4. MotionX GPS Drive: People like MotionX because it offers little extras like spot-marking where you park and active lane guidance for tricky exits.

5. CoPilot GPS: Often find yourself driving over a mountain pass or through a tunnel where your phone can’t connect? Turn to CoPilot GPS which stores your maps so you can always navigate, no matter what obscure part of the country you’re driving through.