Dorm Room Essentials

Whether you’re just entering college or moving into a new room, there’s a lot of initial adjustment. Dealing with a roommate and limited space means you need to get creative with your possessions and how you use them. Beyond the absolute essentials — such as bedding, hangers, a desk lamp, and toiletries — there are items that make dorm life easier.

College can be a tough transition; but our dorm room essentials will make you a better roommate and student.

Dorm Room Essentials Giveaway – Summer 2013

dorm room essentials

In this 2013 update, we’re asking you to help us rebuild this list from the ground up. We want to know what your dorm room essentials are; in return, we’ve got some great items and prizes to give away.

For full details on the giveaway, visit the announcement post. You have from August 7 to 13 to enter.


First Prize

kobo miniKobo Mini eReader

Reading is one of many tasks you’ll find yourself spending a lot of time on in college. You’ll be hunched, poring over text at your desk. But for certain reading assignments, the best way to truly learn from what you’re reading is to relax and lose yourself in the text.

That’s where the Kobo Mini comes in. It’s am extremely compact eReader that’s comfortable enough to read in bed or quickly take out in a pocket or bag. Learn more about this item at


nanotek stand

NanoTek Stand from Bracketron

If you keep your smartphone precariously placed next to your pillow at night, you’re doing it all wrong. We’re a big fan of DIY phone stands, but the NanoTek is the perfect bedside stand. It uses a special adhesive that grips to surfaces and your phone without leaving a sticky mess.

With the NanoTek, you won’t have to worry about knocking your precious $600 smartphone over in a frantic attempt to shut off your early-morning alarm. You can learn more about the NanoTek Stand at


Malt Graffiti Art From Suumo

Your dorm room is going to look bland without anything on the walls, so our friends at Suumo Surface have offered up one of their amazing pieces of graffiti art to our First Prize winner. The pictured art, which is 60″ x 36″, was created by a real Detroit-grown graffiti artist.

Check out the full-size image of this piece on


Second Prize

Most of our giveaways revolve around one winner getting the one big prize. This time around, we wanted to make sure we spread the love to an additional winner.

$50 Target gift card

$50 Target eGiftCard

With all the expenses you’re already tackling, you could probably use a helping hand getting your dorm room essentials. Target is a great place to pick up those essentials and we’ll give you a $50 eGiftCard so you can do just that.¬†As long as you don’t spend it all on Command Hook experiments, $50 can go a long way.