HackCollege History

Kelly Sutton, then a student at Loyola Marymount University, founded HackCollege in August 2006 due to an unprecedented curmudgeonliness at the mere age of 19. A few months after the site’s inception, Rosario Doriott joined HackCollege as the first member of the HackCollege team. A Yale student at the time, she brought more insight and great writing to the site.

In the spring of 2007, Chris Lesinski began contributing to the site.

In September 2007, HackCollege once again extended itself by creating a podcast. The podcast is a supplement to the blog, with talking heads. Chris and Kelly host the show. Long-time friend Scott Rowan contributes regularly to the show with as Scott2K, and the parents in the Mom and Dad Tips segments.

In September 2008 on the one year anniversary of the podcast, HackCollege re-launched the show on the Revision3 Beta network.

In November 2008, HackCollege launched HackCollege.co.uk because American higher education differs from English higher education. This operation is headed up by two blokes: Samuel Hockham and Robert Wolf.

In early 2009, HackCollege recruited two young guns, Luke Turcotte and Mike Bertolino. Their respective writing prowesses signaled a new point in HackCollege’s editorial content and the slow shift into the new guard. Shep McAllister joined the team in early 2010.

Kelly graduated from LMU in May of 2010, and made the decision to stop writing for the site, though he continues to pull the strings in the background.  That summer, the site added Emily Chapman, Laura Schluckebier, and Sean Quinn to the mix.